Awarded Nursery: The Co-operative Childcare Burton On Trent

The Co-operative childcare Burton is a 58 place day nursery which is linked to Burton Queens Hospital. We are a one level nursery with four outstanding classrooms, and we cater for children from six weeks to five years.
We have 25 inspirational staff members who were all overwhelmed when we were awarded this recognition in February 2018, being the only nursery in the area to achieve this award.
When starting at the setting we have always ensured that all of our staff members are paediatric first aid trained (or receive training), even our cleaner. Each staff member then renews their first aid every three years. 
At our nursery we pride ourselves on our passion and dedication, and Millie's Mark allowed us to develop our practice, implement new ideas and allow our staff confidence to continue to grow. We pride ourselves on having all our staff members first aid trained as this allows us to inspire the children in our care to learn to care for themselves and the people around them. Two of our staff members are part of the St John's Ambulance team, who are regularly invited in to setting to educate the children on bandaging, medicine and emergency services.  
The application process allows you to widen your knowledge as well as providing you with vital first aid information, and it supports you to implement purposeful practice and ideas within your setting to ensure children are kept safe. The most beneficial part of the process is how to support your staff's confidence. 
The nursery accident forms are shared with management and parents. The form highlights what measures have been put into place to prevent the accident from reoccurring as well as what first aid treatment was given. We identify the accident trends, allowing us to put measures in place to minimise risks.
As the majority of our parents are doctors, nurses and surgeons themselves it was vital that all staff members are first aid trained to reassure parents when leaving their children in our care. 
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