Awarded Nursery: Yeladenu Preschool

Yeladenu Preschool, which is graded Outstanding by Ofsted, was awarded Millie's Mark in June 2017.
Yeladenu Preschool is based within Muswell Hill Synagogue, with 24 children and 10 staff, including 1 administrator and 2 security guards.

Manager Helen Style set up the Preschool in October 2004 and has always ensured that every member of staff has paediatric first aid training.
She thought that participating in Millie’s Mark would therefore make sense, and would be a good challenge for the staff and a way of developing the setting’s self-evaluation process.
Since starting the changes made have been valuable, and though small, have had a big impact on the setting and the children. The staff confidence audits have also proved to be a good means of self-evaluating.

"It has been a rigorous process but one that was well worth doing, and we are the only setting in Haringey to have achieved this so far so we are feeling very proud."
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