Awarded Nursery: Pumpkins Nursery, Badminton

Pumpkins Nursery is a 35 place nursery located in the heart of the village of Badminton, home to the Badminton Horse Trials.
We are very proud to be the first nursery to achieve Millie’s Mark accreditation in South Gloucestershire as we feel it sends a clear message to parents, that we are committed to keeping our children safe. At Pumpkins we have always trained all of our staff in Paediatric first Aid and so when we found out about Millie’s Mark it seemed the perfect way of improving our practice further.
Set in a rural community, it is essential that all of our staff have the skills and confidence to administer life saving treatment should the need arise. We have found that going through the Millie’s Mark process has made us think and question all aspects of our practice and regular practice and refresher sessions ensure that first aid procedures are kept to the forefront of our minds.
The health and safety of our children has always been paramount in our practice but Millie’s Mark has enabled us to raise the level of care even further.
To celebrate our achievement we held an “In the Pink” week where children and staff dressed in pink and purple and took part in activities such as:
  • a dolls’ hospital
  • a visit from paramedics
  • practicing bandaging and emergency first aid role play
  • mending Humpty Dumpty
  • making Millie’s biscuits
  • pink crafts and artwork
  • Millie Giraffe collage
  • a newsletter dedicated to Millie’s Mark where we shared lots of practical advice with parents. 
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