Millie's Mark Criteria

To be eligible for Millie's Mark you must:

  • Be based in England
  • Have 100% of staff working directly with children trained in paediatric first aid
  • Agree to allow a Millie's Mark assessor to visit with one day's notice*
  • Declare any serious incidents, accidents or deaths in your nursery and provide information about measures taken.

*Only a percentage of providers will receive an onsite visit. All settings will be subject to an online assessment.

To achieve Millie's Mark, providers must meet the set Millie's Mark criteria and complete:

  • The Training Matrix (template provided) and upload copies of all Paediatric First Aid certificates
  • An Audit of Practice (template provided)
  • The Risk Assessment (template provided) and upload a floor plan of the setting.

The awarding of Millie’s Mark will be dependent on all of the criteria being met in addition to the legal requirements as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework. Providers can choose their own training provider - preferably one with a nationally approved and accredited first aid qualification or one that is a member of a trade body with an approval and monitoring scheme. You are given a minimum of three months and maximum of six months to complete the mark. Due to the nature of Millie's Mark extensions will not be awarded.

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