Awarded setting: Buckshaw Village Nursery

Buckshaw Village Nursery is a 111 place, Private setting, opened in 2008. From the outset Julie Wilde, the Nursery Co-Ordinator has been committed to ensuring that all staff throughout the setting, as part of their continued professional development, attend the two day Paediatric First Aid course. We believe an accident or incident can happen anywhere and in order to safeguard our children, everyone should be confident in dealing with any accidents, and exceed guidelines and requirements.
Whilst the accreditation was time-consuming to complete, the opportunity to further enhance our practice was something we were eager to take on, it really made us stop and think, and reflect on our practice. In the end we made very few changes, but everyone was on board with analysing practice and recording systems in minute detail. It made us question whether we felt we were thorough enough as a team (…luckily the answer was ‘yes’ in most areas!).
The risk assessments laid down by Millie’s Mark were extremely beneficial as they made us review the whole setting, room by room and all the activities that take place, focusing on the resources we offer, and particularly malleable play. The process made us question how and why we do things, and how we can improve to ensure all children stay safe at all times.
The accreditation made us as look at areas of First Aid that some practitioners were more confident with than others and introduce a system where we could ’buddy up’ with other practitioners who were maybe new to the setting and less confident. It also highlighted that if we stagger the way in which we access First Aid Training, we will always be up to date with new training and practice.
The safety and wellbeing of children in our care is paramount to us and we are so proud to say to parents and colleagues that we have achieved the “Millie’s Mark” award.
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