March 2023 Awarded Settings

Congratulations to all the settings awarded Millie's Mark in January who have proved that all their staff know what to do in the case of a first aid situation. You can hear what settings have to say about the accreditation here.  If any awarded settings would like to share their own case study please contact the team.  
Settings awarded Millie's Mark for the first time
Banana Moon Day Nursery Caversham 
Bell Day Pre-school
Brightsparks Day Nursery 
Daisy Chain Children's Nursery 
Higher Folds 2 Year Olds and Pre-school
Leaping Toads Nursery (and Activity Centre)
Monkey Puzzle Bromley 
Once Upon a Time Nursery School 
Scallywags Nursery
The Nest Royal Wharf
Tiggers @ Tetbury
Top Chapel Day Nursery
Settings awarded Millie's Mark for the second time 
Central Park Nursery Ltd
Co-operative Childcare Littlehampton
Huggies Day Nursery 
St Mary's Preschool
You can find the nearest Millie’s Mark accredited setting by clicking here or contact the team on 01484 40 70 75 if you have any questions.
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